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Community park

H.I.P.S. ( Hidden In Plain Sight) was created in 2020 to provide families who have special needs children with resources that will maximize the quality of their daily lives after noticing the lack of access to them in our community.


The goal was also to provide education to the general public that promoted inclusion, equality, and understanding of individuals who have disabilities. 


This year, H.I.P.S. is on a mission to improve the lack of equality by creating all-inclusive, barrier free playgrounds right in our community. All children deserve the joy of playing, but the unfortunate reality is that not all playgrounds are inclusive or even accessible for all children to play in. According to Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, every child has a right to engage in play. It is a vital part of children’s development and a key factor in how they come to understand the world around them. Over the 10,000 playgrounds in the world, there is NOT 1 in the city of Detroit that provides the necessary equipment or accessibility that supports the needs of ALL people. Something as simple as rubberized surfacing to accommodate wheelchairs or children with mobile delays would make a tremendous difference. 

There needs to be a change, and it starts here.Of course, Playgrounds of this magnitude are very expensive and we need your help.Donations of any size are needed to make this dream become a reality. Please consider becoming a partner of our community Playground.

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donate to make a child's dream come true

Check back in as we document the process and milestones of this journey!

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